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What are my options for alternative birth methods?

While the modern, traditional method of childbirth involves a maternity ward, hospital bed, and doctor – today’s alternative methods give people options they might not have known they had. All of these methods are safe and are becoming increasing popular with pregnant mothers.
The concept of waterbirth is that it is a more relaxing and soothing way for a child to enter the world. Waterbirths became a trend over 20 years ago in the US, but have not really gained widespread popularity over here.
Acupuncture has been used since ancient times for pain and ache relief, including the pain that goes with childbirth. It is also a known technique for turning babies that are breech.
This method focuses on the fact that childbirth is more of a natural process than a medical one. It stresses the importance of relaxation, self hypnosis, and slow breathing to avoid thinking about the pain associated with childbirth.
Doulas are a type of modern birthing coach that remain in the room during delivery providing physical and emotional support for women in childbirth. They are a type of professional labour assistant who are specially trained and motivated to follow a pregnant mother’s specific birthing plan.
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