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What shouldn't I pack in my hospital bag?

There are lots of articles and books that go into great detail about what you should pack into your hospital bag for delivery and how soon you should pack. However, these lists are long and it might be more helpful to know what you don’t need as the labour looms ever closer.

What many women do not realise is that the hospital supplies a lot for you already. Due to heavy bleeding, do not bring any clothing or towels you are attached to. In fact, the heavy duty pads, white towels, and hospital attire is there for you to bleed all over. You won’t even have to clean it up afterwards.

While you will need a nice going home outfit for your baby to take pictures in and depart in, you do not need to bring the child’s whole wardrobe. It is unnecessary. The hospital provides one pieces, swaddling blankets and caps for your newborn. They will even have a stock of nappies and other new baby items. You will find yourself going home with everything from clothing to nappies to bathing supplies.

Don’t take anything valuable to you. During your hospital stay you will be distracted, you will change rooms, and strange people will be coming and going quite a bit. Do not take anything with you that you couldn’t bear going home without.
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