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What are the benefits of reading aloud to my child?

Reading to your young child is one of the very best things that you as a parent can do.

Young children will love the special time that you spend cuddled up together reading, and they will learn to associate reading with attention, love and fun.

As your child gets older, it's a good idea to introduce them to picture books and nursery rhymes. From a young age, they will begin to learn about reading and will discover that books are read from front to back and that pictures represent real objects. As you continue reading to them, they will find that the print on the pages stands for words and that pages are read from top-to- bottom and from left-to-right. By reading to your child, you are giving them an excellent preparation for when they start formally learning to read in school.

When you read to them, you are helping them to develop necessary skills needed for successful reading experiences. Reading stimulates their language development. Your young child is not unlike a sponge; soaking up everything they hear you say.

Listening to stories and nursery rhymes will help their vocabularies grow and help them to use longer sentences. It also increases their attention spans and enhances their ability to focus.

Reading also helps make children curious about the world in which they live and also helps to expand their knowledge.

Best of all, children who are read to are far more likely to develop a love of reading. They are also more likely to begin reading on their own.

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