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How can I save on children's books?

If you are lucky, your child wants a million books! They love to read and you want to give them every chance to do so. But, as we all know, children’s books can cost a bundle. But there are ways you can give your child all the books you can without breaking the bank. Here are few suggestions:

•    Car boot sales are a great place to find gently used children’s books and they are usually priced to sell. Arriving early to the weekend sales is best as the kids books usually go pretty fast.
•    Look in your community for used book stores that have a trade-in policy. Most will let you return books and give you credit for a few more. And, it is really fun to rifle through the shelves.
•    Some organizations have annual book sales. They take donations of books throughout the year and hold one large sale, usually a fund raiser, where books are super cheap. This is a great option for loading up on children’s books.
•    When it comes time for holiday gifts, make sure to let family members know that your child loves books. Most people would rather purchase a gift that is educational anyways.
•    Set up a book swap in your community. Contact other parents through the preschool to get people signed up. You can hold the event at the local park. If someone brings three books, they get to take three other books.
•    Lastly, don’t forget about your public library.

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