Your first trimester will fly by in all of your excitement for impending motherhood. Make sure you have a comfortable and healthy 12 weeks, by picking up some of these essentials:
Morning sickness
Morning sickness is common during the first 12 weeks and it usually eases off as your reach your second trimester. If you are suffering quite badly, you need to pick up some ginger. It is great for easing the symptoms and you can get ginger tea or ginger boiled sweets to suck on when you’re not feeling great. If things are really bad, pop a small sick bag into your handbag or car when out and about, for emergencies.
You won’t need to buy maternity wear just yet, but invest in some much needed underwear now. Your own underwear will only take you so far. However, if you are not ready to share your news with the world just yet, pull out any loose t-shirts and empire line tops.
Staying hydrated
It is important to stay hydrated during your pregnancy, but especially during the first trimester. Make sure you carry a bottle of water around with you in your bag and regularly take a sip.
Lots of rest
Your body is probably craving rest anyway so you don’t need an excuse to take a nap. When feeling fatigued, make sure you take a break and enjoy a lie down. Why not treat yourself to a maternity pillow. It will take you right though to the delivery, and you deserve it.
Your doctor will no doubt recommend you take folic acid to help the baby’s development. They may also suggest other prenatal vitamins but don’t take anything unless advise by your doctor.
Make sure you don’t allow yourself to go hungry, by carrying around a few snacks. Breakfast bars are easy to pop in your bag and dry crackers will help when you are suffering from sickness. Fruit or raw veggies are also great for ensuring you won’t be hungry. Add a little variety, by popping individual wrapped pieces of cheese, boxes of raisins, nuts and granola bars into your bag, car and desk.