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Bad skin in pregnancy: what can I do?

Thanks to all those hormones that your body is creating to get you and your baby safely through your pregnancy, there’s a good chance your skin will go through some alarming phases while you’re pregnant.

Many women experience acne, rashes and itchiness during pregnancy, and then there are the stretch marks that usually accompany your expanding body.

While you can’t do much about the increase in hormone levels, and the associated increase in sweating and oil production, there are a few other things you can do.

Firstly, forget makeup for a while. There’s no need to be blocking up your pores any more than necessary! Switch to lighter, oil free products for the items you just can’t live without, and make sure you make sunscreen a daily part of your routine. Your skin is even more sensitive to light when you’re pregnant, and not only is skin cancer always a risk, but being pregnant, and sunburnt, is not fun at all.

Make sure you are hydrated, and avoid hot baths and steamy showers, which will only make you sweat more. Even though you may still find your skin rebelling, you can at least remind yourself that it’s only until your baby arrives!
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