One small step for her... An even BIGGER step for me

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I look at her in disbelief: how can she be starting preschool? Seriously, I feel like I brought her home from the hospital yesterday...
She is wearing an overgrown school uniform of red and navy, and is standing taller than ever, almost beating her chest like a gorilla.
She is well chuffed with herself, walking around the house like the queen of her castle.
We had a few practice runs to make everything run smoothly: opening her lunch bag herself and getting dressed.
She wants to get dressed by herself; she wants to do everything herself, so I sit back at a loose end and watch her.
I sit here thinking: soon there will be no purpose for me at all, and that makes my heart hurt… (happy thoughts… happy thoughts).
When we arrived at preschool, she simply said: “Mummy, you go now and pick me up later” - exactly like I explained to her over and over again, the past few weeks.
So I gave her a kiss and a hug and she smiled and waved as I walked out the door with a sinking heart.  
It was only for two hours; I had a coffee and flick through morning telly until it's time to go collect her.
I arrived exactly on the dot and she flew out the door into my arms like a dramatic airport scene in a soppy movie… She had a ball!
However, on the second day the script kind of change.
"Time to get ready for school," I chirped the following morning. Her response, however, was a little bit different: ” I went to school one day Mummy, I’m going to stay with you today..." she explained. 
"Come on, hun, do you want to dress yourself?"
"No, Mam. I want to stay and snuggle you, in your bed."
Thinking on my feet, I suddenly remember the glittery stickers I picked up recently, and say: "When you get dressed you get a sticker." 
Phew, she bought it!
She comes to me - dressed but this time not standing so tall - looking more like my little girl today.
I give her a sticker and she hugs me extra hard.
As we walk to preschool she holds my hand a little tighter.
But, thankfully, she walks through the door of her playschool without any fuss, delighted to be reacquainted with her classroom toys and new friends. 
We say goodbye and she heads off to play, looking back at me.
Today my heart is restored as I realise that we are going to need each other for many many years to come.
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