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It finally happened. The nappies are gone! *Does a silly, happy dance* He is fully toilet trained. I genuinely didn't think he would manage it before he turned three. He was totally not interested in even learning about it long past the time when his sister had learned. Treats didn't tempt him; reward charts were met with laughter, and promises of new toys were scoffed at. Weirdly, I was...
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From speaking to other mothers, I know I am not alone in thinking that work can be an awful waste of time. Take today, for example: the sun was flaming in a cloudless sky — not that you could feel it in the chilly confines of our air-conditioned office — and all I could think about was: a) I could have put a second wash out; b) I should be at the beach with my kids; c) Why didn’t I do...
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We recently decided to become a family who goes camping. What a wonderful wholesome way to see our beautiful country; sleeping under the stars, nothing but a canvas sheet between you and the Milky Way. I blame discount German retailers with their ridiculously cheap camping supplies for giving us notions. The nearest campsite was 10 minutes away, on the other side of our town; but seeing how we...
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A new Unicef report has found that Ireland has the fourth-highest teen suicide rate among the world’s high-income countries. Things are so bad, that the report grimly forecasts that one in 10,000 Irish kids between the ages of 15 and 19 will die by their own hand. I have two children who fall into that category; you may have a couple, and, indeed, virtually all of those children who will take...
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The source told E! News: 'It's not serious, but they are definitely into each other.' The new couple were spotted at a party wholesale bikinis [/b] The true-life stories that I’ve been reading are mind-blowing. From people all over the globe. Very different people; very diverse. Age, gender, politics, race, religiou suit underwear [/b][color=rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: "Microsoft YaHei...
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We're always looking for ways to simplify the complicated things in our lives. This is certainly true when it comes to planning weddings. The information from this article will help you simplify the complexities of planning a wedding. The following wedding guidance can be used immediately to smooth the path. Do not forget to learn about how you will handle tax reporting for your business...
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I was chatting to my dad a few weeks ago and he asked if I'd heard of these fidget things. "No," I said. "They're the new craze," said Dad. "As long as they aren't loom bands," said I. Most crazes pass my family by. Loom bands did not. The eldest daughter got drawn into the loom band scene. Brightly-coloured elastic bands became a thousand bracelets for her efficient, focused hands...
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Brown color represents the cautious person’s personality, with a strong sense of self-worth, worry to much all the time. But those people are trusted person who can deal with and solve problem quickly even you might feel they are too cold or too cool to you. Blue color means rationality. Those people who prefer to blue color can be considered to be a rationality person who is not afraid when...
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One minute they are this tiny helpless infant in your arms. The next, they are growing like a weed; learning, changing, developing, gaining more understanding of the world, and trying out new experiences. I’ll never forget the day my daughter went out for the day without me. She was four, and a neighbour was given free tickets to see Annie the musical, and asked Amelia to go with her. It started...
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Laparoscopy can be done to treat a range of ailments. It is a surgical diagnostic process which is applied to find out problems in the organs inside the abdomen. This is one of the most used diagnostic procedures which is minimally invasive and have low risks. In today’s world, professional and experienced Ob-Gyns often apply this process to examine the abdominal organs of the patients to find...
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