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Can implantation bleeding be a sign of pregnancy?

Light spotting of a pink or brown colour, lasting just a day or two can be a sign of early pregnancy. It occurs about eight days after you ovulate. You may also experience some cramping as well. This is not something to worry about; it's called implantation bleeding and it is caused by the fertilised egg attaching itself to the endometrial lining. A visit to your doctor and a pregnancy test are in order to confirm that it is implantation bleeding.

However, heavy bleeding, bleeding which lasts longer than a few days and bleeding in the later stage of pregnancy requires immediate attention and you should called your obstetrician straight away. Unlike light spotting, this is a medical emergency. Heavy bleeding could be a sign of miscarriage or an ectopic (or tubal) pregnancy.

You may also experience some spotting around the time that you expect your period.

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