Mums, we have great news! According to new research, eating a fry up can help boost your baby’s IQ. That’s right, eggs and bacon can have a positive impact on your tiny tot.


The team of researchers discovered that mums who ate fry ups during the final trimester had better test results.


They believe the reason for this is due to the fact that eggs and bacon are full of the nutrient choline. Experts believe that choline is one of the most vital nutrients, especially during pregnancy, however, many women do not consume enough of it.



During the study, which was published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the team divided a group of 26 mums in half. The first group consumed 480mg of choline every day, and the other group took 939mg of choline.


They then analysed their baby’s information processing speed and visuospatial memory at four months, seven months, 10 months and 13 months.  


They tested the infants’ intelligence by timing how long it took them to react to an image on a computer screen.



The babies of the mums who consumed the higher amount of choline had stronger test results, compared to those who took 480 mg of choline.


The team hope this study will help raise awareness about the importance of choline. Professor Marie Caudill of Cornell University, New York, stated that the guidelines for choline consumption should be increased, especially for pregnant women.


Aside from bacon and eggs, other foods that contain choline include chicken, nuts, milk, fish, cabbage and cauliflower.