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How do I talk to my tween about periods?

Puberty can be a very confusing time in a young girl’s life. Her body and thoughts are changing and it’s possible that she’s beginning to get self-conscious about all these developments. It’s also quite likely that she won’t want to talk about personal matters with you but there are ways you can make it easier for her. When kids get to about eight or nine years old they become more aware of their bodies and in turn feel more self-conscious and private.
They may also feel embarrassed talking about certain subjects like sex and menstruation. This is perfectly normal. Your daughter may be reluctant to talk about these matters if it isn’t something you would have freely suggested before.
How to talk to your daughter
The important thing is to ensure that your daughter knows about menstruation before her period starts. Take advantage of a quiet moment where you can both sit down privately and speak openly together. Here are our tips on how best to approach it:
  • Ensure your daughter knows that this is totally between the two of you and no one else will find out. This may make her more comfortable.
  • Choose a time when the two of you are alone and you can give her your full attention.
  • Don’t be too serious. Be light-hearted and let her know that no question is off limits. You might not have all the answers but you can get back to her.
  • If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, just tell your daughter. She will appreciate your honesty.
My daughter refuses to talk
If your daughter refuses to talk to you then try not to force her.  Try again another time and if you’re still having trouble, just give her a book that contains reliable information that will answer any questions she has.
There are lots available, such as:
  • Girls only! All about periods and growing-up stuff’, by Victoria Parker
  • What’s happening to me?’, By Susan Meredith
  • Ready, set, grow! (What’s happening to my body?)’, by Linda Madaras and Linda Davick.
Books are a great way of providing all the necessary information as well as being a useful starting point for conversation. If your daughter is particularly awkward about discussing the topic, just leave it in her room. You can be sure she will read it! 

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