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How do I prepare my tween for her first period?

Getting your first period represents an exciting milestone in a young girl’s life. But, what happens if she’s at school or away from you? This is often a concern for girls and their mums. Here is a fool proof guide to preparing your daughter for her first period.
Mums and daughters may be worried about the first period arriving when they’re at school or at a friend’s house. It’s a good idea to be prepared in case this happens. The first step is sitting down together and having a frank discussion about menstruation. Ensuring your daughter has the necessary knowledge is vital in making her feel confident and secure. If she knows what to expect and what’s happening to her body, she’s less likely to feel scared or anxious.
After you have set your daughter down for a chat, you can then begin to prepare her in case her period starts while she is out of the house. The best way to begin preparing her is to talk about what will happen when the period starts. Inform your daughter about the various types of sanitary products available and discuss what she might like to use at first. Many young girls start off with pads as they are simplest to use. Remind her that it’s important to wash her hands before and after using them.
To avoid your daughter being caught short while she is in school or at a friend’s house, prepare a kit that she can pop into her schoolbag.
Choose a small toiletry bag that is easy to store and fill it with:
  • Pads
  • Underwear liners
  • Tampons, if you desire
  •  Paracetemol or other painkillers, in case she has some cramps
  • A change of underwear
  • A small plastic bag for soiled underwear.
She may wish to keep a spare change of clothes in case they get stained, but it’s unlikely that the flow will be that heavy at first. Remind your daughter that if her period starts at school and she isn’t prepared, her teachers are there to help. Schools will have some supplies and be prepared for this. Remind her that there is no need to be embarrassed. 

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Getting your first period represents an exciting milestone in a young girl’s life. But, what happens if she’s at school or away from you?
It's important that you discuss menstruation with your daughter as early as possible as many girls get their periods at quite a young age.