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When does puberty begin for boys?

For boys, puberty starts when the brain sends a signal to the testicles to produce testosterone. A growth spurt is often the first sign of puberty in boys, and like girls, your son's feet, hands, arms and legs may grow faster than the rest of him, causing clumsiness. For many boys, the growth peaks about two years after the beginning of puberty. His shoulders will broaden and his muscles will get bigger. Many boys have some slight swelling under the nipples, which is temporary.
Testosterone affects the larynx, causing the voice to crack and then deepen. Pubic, facial, body and underarm hair will begin to grow. Like girls, oil production in the skin increases, which can lead to pimples, and increased sweating. The penis and testicles get larger and an increase in sex hormones leads to erections, which often happen whether sexually aroused or not. Around this time, "wet dreams" or nocturnal emissions will occur. Sperm production also begins.
How he might be feeling?
Not surprisingly, boys may have mixed feelings about puberty. Just like girls, many boys are worried about not maturing at the same time as their friends, as well as body size, height and muscle development. Some boys may feel like a little kid among young men. Involuntary erections and wet dreams (which are in part related to changing hormone levels, and don't necessarily indicate a sexual dream) can be embarrassing. Boys may also be self-conscious about cracking voices, temporary swelling under the nipples, and uneven testicles (all perfectly normal of course). Lastly, as hormones ebb and flow, emotions can show up as frustration and aggression.

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For boys, puberty starts when the brain sends a signal to the testicles to produce testosterone
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