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How often should my baby kick?

When you are having your first child, it can be difficult to know how often your baby should be kicking. Not being able to see your baby, the kicks your child makes are often your only indication that the baby is still okay and doing well. If the baby goes for a long enough stretch of time without kicking, this can cause a pregnant mother unnecessary worry and stress.

A baby’s kicking is called quickening. The quickening is not necessarily the baby’s kicking, but any movement as the child turns and squirms inside the womb. The sensation is described differently perhaps because it feels different to each woman. It can be a fluttering, tickling, tapping sensation and first but then begins to feel like punching and kicking. It sometimes resembles gas bubbles in the stomach.

How do you know when the baby is kicking enough? This is tricky because each baby is an individual and can be more active or less active, depending on their disposition. When you begin to first feel quickening, in the second trimester, it will come and go unpredictably. However, as you progress towards the end of your pregnancy, you should feel your baby kicking every day. 

It can be difficult to determine a baby’s movements while up and active. The best way to determine frequency is to count your baby’s movements while lying on your side. If you do not feel at least 10 in an hour’s worth of time, contact your doctor for advice. Do this every day and if your baby’s movement slows from one day to the next, also call your doctor.

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