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How will sleep sharing affect my sex life?

Many parents, especially those first-timers with a new baby, want to sleep share so as to keep an eye on their little one. However, they also want to have a healthy sex life and sometimes find it a little difficult with a little person in the same bed. So how do they get around this problem?
Obviously, now that you have a baby, you are not going to have the same privacy that you enjoyed before your little one came along. Also, you will not have the same spontaneity as before either. This means that you will probably have to be somewhere else in your home to have sex so as to not disturb your baby. There will come a time when one or both of you will get irritated by having to do this so be sure to talk openly to each other as to how you are feeling about this situation.
If your baby is asleep when you are in the mood then gently move her into another room so that you can enjoy some time together. When you are done, move your baby back into your bed again - your baby will not realise that she has not been in the same bed the whole night.
There are some babies who are quite happy to sleep in their own cribs for a few hours, before waking up and demanding to be with mommy and daddy. This poses no problem with your lovemaking at all, as you have the few hours before your baby wakes up to enjoy yourselves. If you are lucky enough and your baby is contented to sleep either in her crib or with you, then simply put her into her crib on those nights when you and your partner need some privacy.

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There are some very good reasons that you would want to avoid sexual intercourse.
Your vagina will naturally shrink after delivery, as your body heals, but whether it returns to its original size, depends on a number of factors.
Your menstrual cycle usually starts towards the end of your breastfeeding phase, but how regular it is once it is back varies from woman to woman.
It is not uncommon for women to experience pain and discomfort during sex, for the first couple of months after having a baby.
The delaying effect that breastfeeding has on the return of normal menstruation has an effect on fertility and can be considered as a method of contraception – although it is not a very reliable one.
The Intrauterine System, or IUS, is an effective method of birth control that is safe to use while breastfeeding.
It is true that some women experience a drop in their sex drive while breastfeeding, however, this isn’t always the case.
The return to your normal cycle is not a hard and fast rule and it can take anything from a month to a year before your first post baby period happens.
It is entirely up to you and your husband as to when you want to start having sex after the birth of your baby. The best thing to do is to have patience and wait until your body is ready for sex after your baby is born.
As very often happens, if you are just too tired to have sex after a long day, then tell your husband. If he is understanding and clever, he will help you as much as he can. After all, you will both benefit from this.