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Is it safe to get a massage during all stages of pregnancy?

Massages are generally safe to have during pregnancy. They may in fact, help to relieve some of the pregnancy back pain and swelling common during pregnancy. A massage treatment can give a lift to your spirits and make you feel more relaxed.
Be sure to use a therapist that is trained in pregnancy or prenatal massage, as there are some pressure points that should be avoided in pregnant women. You may find an aromatherapy massage irritating if you have become more sensitive to smells during pregnancy.
After 20 weeks of gestation, it is suggested that you don't lie flat on your back. Your therapist should have you lie on your side and support you by placing a pillow under one hip.
If you are diagnosed as a high risk pregnancy or are at high risk for a pre-term birth, consult your obstetrician before scheduling a massage appointment.
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