While we spend most of the nine months worrying about our baby, it is also important you take the time to look after your own body during pregnancy as it can put it under extreme pressure, including your bones.


What happens during pregnancy

As your baby grows in the womb, they need calcium to help their own bones to develop, especially during the last trimester. If the mum-to-be is not getting enough of the mineral for both her and the baby, then the baby will simply draw what it needs from the mum’s bones.


How the body protects the bones

However, as we all know our bodies are amazing, and when a woman is expecting their body helps them to better absorb calcium from food and supplements than a woman who isn’t pregnant. The hormone oestrogen also helps to protect bones and the body restores any bone mass loss a few months after giving birth.


This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give our body a little helping hand

While our body is pretty adept at doing what it needs to survive, it can definitely do with a little helping hand making it important to feed it the right stuff to maintain good bones. Calcium is in high demand during pregnant and breastfeeding so you should eat plenty of foods rich in the mineral including low-fat dairy products, salmon with bones, tofu, leafy green vegetables and foods fortified with calcium like cereals. Your doctor might also advise you to take calcium supplements if they think you would benefit from them.


However, it’s not just simply consuming the right foods, exercise also plays a huge role as it helps your bones become stronger. Walking, dancing, lifting weights and swimming can help strengthen your bones but also improve your mood, help with sleep, increase your energy and reduce backache.


Make sure you consult your fitness instructor or GP before undergoing any form of physical exercise.