A pregnant woman who defended two other mums on a bus was subjected to a horrific verbal attack on a bus in Brisbane, Australia recently. 


Another passenger on the bus became agitated when she had to change seats to accommodate two mums with prams saying: “I don’t hate adults. I hate kids.”


A pregnant woman then turned around to defend the two mums saying to the agitated passenger: “If you don’t shut the f*** up someone on this bus is gonna punch you in the face ... and it’s probably gonna be me.”


The passenger then hit back at the pregnant woman, saying: “You know what’ll happen? You’ll probably lose the baby.”


The argument then continued for over twenty minutes with people jumping to the pregnant woman’s defence, shocked at the threat made against her.


While it sounds like things got quite heated between the two women, it’s rather shocking to hear another woman threaten the life of an unborn child over a public transport issue.