Bread and peanut butter pudding

Prep: 30 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Bread and peanut butter pudding
Bread and Butter Pudding is one of the easiest and most economical desserts you can make. There are no set rules - use whatever bread product you have and any fruit that's lying around - and it prevents food waste.
We created this recipe after discovering bananas that ripened too quickly, leftover cream and a surprise jar of peanut butter.
The quantities are just guidelines, not rules, so don't be afraid to have fun and be creative.

8-10 slices of stale bread

50g peanut butter (about 1 tsp per slice of bread)

4 bananas, sliced

100g dark brown sugar

2 eggs

450ml milk (or 250ml of cream/200ml of milk)

1tsp of vanilla

Preheat oven to 170C/ 325F/ gas 3 and grease a baking dish.

Spread one side of the bread with peanut butter and cut each slice into four triangles.

Cover the base of the baking dish with half the slices of bread, peanut butter side facing upwards.

Place three of the sliced bananas evenly over the bread layer. Sprinkle 50g of the sugar over them.

Layer the remaining bread over the bananas and sugar, peanut butter side down.

Top off the dish with slices of the final banana and sprinkle 50g of sugar over it.

In a jug whisk together the eggs, milk (and cream) and vanilla. Pour this mixture into the baking dish and allow to sit until the bread has absorbed enough of the mixture to become visibly plump (15-30mins, depending on how stale the bread is).

Bake in the oven for 20-30mins until golden brown on top.

Eat hot or cold.


Preparation Time
30 minutes

Cooking Time
30 minutes

Main ingredients
Dairy, Fruit, Eggs

Recipe Type
Bread, Cakes & Baking, Dessert


Special Info
Gluten free, Vegetarian

Level of Difficulty

This dish can easily be made gluten free by using gluten free products. Also remember to avoid watery fruit if you want to replace the banana.

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