Bread Recipes

Soda. spelt, brown, white, sourdough, tomato, rye - so many breads and so little time! Choose from our great selection of tried and tested bread recipes by mums just like you!

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Homemade beans on toast
Hot cross buns
Pizza Muffins
Prawn tapas with bread and tomato sauce
Simple summer pudding
Savoury gluten-free bread
Rye and poppyseed wedges
Irish soda bread
Hot cross buns
Cheese rolls
Mozarella and Pancetta Filled Bread
‘Migas, Spanish breakfast
Cinnamon French Toast
Hey pesto
Bread with pineapple and ham soufflé
French gingerbread
Soda Focaccia
Raspberry chocolate bread and butter pudding
Mushroom toast topping
German rye bread
Bread and peanut butter pudding
Cranberry and orange walnut bread
Easy classic bread pudding
Plaited bread
Spicy vegetarian scotch eggs
Garlic and melted cheese wedges
Soda bread with oats
Pesto cheese pinwheels
Jalapeno Hummus with Carrs Salt & Black Pepper Flatbread
Gluten free banana bread