Ham & Lego Sandwich

Ham & Lego Sandwich

6 slices of Johnston Mooney & O’Brien Toastie Bread (or Wholemeal Toastie Bread)

4 slices of good quality thick cut ham

4 slices of cheddar cheese

Country relish


To serve – salad leaves, wild rocket or cress leaves (for older children)

Spread the Johnston Mooney & O’Brien Toastie Bread slices with butter.

Then layer the ham and cheddar cheese on top.

Top with a spoonful of country relish.

Assemble the sandwiches by cutting off all crusts.

Use a small cookie cutter to create the round shapes of Lego circles.

Assemble the sandwich using a little relish or butter to attach the circles, as pictured.


Recipe Type
Bread, Lunch Box

Level of Difficulty

This sandwich idea is very versatile and easy to change up with different fillings each day

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