Coconut bars

Prep: 15 mins
Coconut bars
So much better than the store-bought version!

1 can Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk

200g desiccated coconut

300g semisweet chocolate

Mix the Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk and the desiccated coconut. Spread the mixture on a square baking dish covered with parchment paper. Cover with cling foil and refrigerate overnight.

Cut the coconut mixture in rectangle shapes and place in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate. Using a fork, dip each rectangle in the melted chocolate. Place on a lined baking sheet. Put in the fridge until the chocolate is set.


Preparation Time
15 minutes

Main ingredients

Recipe Type
Dessert, Kids Food, Snacks, Cookies & Biscuits

Special Info
Gluten free, Egg free, Vegetarian

Level of Difficulty

Shape the coconut mixture into balls and dip them in cocoa powder to make it a handy treat for lunchboxes.

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