Greek salad wraps

Prep: 10 mins
Greek salad wraps
Delicious healthy wrap, great for packed lunches.

250g chopped lettuce

125g feta cheese, crumbled

125g fresh tomato, diced

½ cucumber, diced

½ red pepper, diced

50g black olives, pitted and halved

50g red onion, diced

¼ tsp dried oregano

4 25cm tortillas

3 tbsp mayonnaise

Salt and black pepper

In a mixing bowl, toss together the lettuce, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, olives and red onion.

Sprinkle with oregano and mix.

Working one tortilla at a time, spread with a thin layer of mayonnaise and sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper.

Place a few spoons of the Greek salad mix along the centre of the wrap.

Fold in the top and bottom, then roll tightly.

Cut in half and serve.


Preparation Time
10 minutes

Main ingredients
Cheese, Vegetables, Bread, Herbs

Recipe Type
Easy, Healthy, Quick Meals, Vegetarian, Sandwich

Cafe, Picnics

Special Info
Nut free, Vegetarian

Level of Difficulty

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