Seafeast Prawn and Corn Fritters

Chef: Seafeast
Seafeast Prawn and Corn Fritters
A tasty lunch made with delicious Seafeast Cooked Coldwater Prawns, sweetcorn, eggs, flour and spring onions.

1 x 280g bag Seafeast Cooked Coldwater Prawns

2 eggs

50g plain flour

1 can 390g sweetcorn

4 spring onions, finely chopped

To serve:

Crème fraîche


Fresh coriander, chopped

1. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl

2. Empty the flour into the bowl and whisk together

3. Add the can of sweetcorn and chopped spring onions into the bowl

4. Finely chop the Cooked Coldwater Prawns, add to mixture and stir well to combine

5. Heat one tbsp of olive oil in a pan then spoon in the mixture to make roughly 10-12cm round fritters

6. Fry for approx. 3 minutes until golden underneath gently pressing down with a spatula, then flip and repeat

7. Serve with crème fraîche, sriracha and chopped coriander

Main ingredients

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Easy, Quick Meals

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