If you have been keeping up your running throughout your pregnancy, we applaud you - staying fit and healthy is so important when expecting. But, as you enter your final trimester, you will start to notice that it’s not as easy or as enjoyable as before.
If quitting is not on your radar, read on to ensure it is enjoyable and safe. 
Don’t push yourself
If your body really does not want to go out for a run, don’t force it to. The last thing you want is to strain a muscle or to fall over and really hurt yourself. Listen to what it is saying to you – sore back, aching feet and painful muscles are signs that your body needs a rest day. When it starts to feel uncomfortable, it is time to stop. Only you know your body, so do what it says.
Pace yourself
Experienced runners may ne able to run fairly normally up until their second trimester, but the third is different. Your body is tired, you are likely to lose balance easily and the risk of causing yourself an injury is greater. So, while you don’t need to stop, you should be realistic. Combine a run/walk training schedule whereby you run for two minutes and walk for two. Remember, there is no shame in stopping for a rest.
Don’t forget to stretch
Stretching is so important before and after exercise, whether you are pregnant or not. Make sure you stretch your muscles before going out and remember to warm down and stretch after you have finished. This will help you avoid pulling or straining parts of your body.
Every pregnancy is different
Just because you were able to run up until a week or two before your first baby was born doesn’t mean you will be able to do the same on each one. As your baby grows, your energy levels will be affected. This will mean you will need to be extra careful and are less likely to even want to go out. Again don’t push yourself. Blood flow will be affected as the baby grows and the further along you are the lower your baby will sit in the uterus. All this makes for some very uncomfortable and not particularly nice runs.