You’re nearly there - your due date is within your grasp, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and you are excited. But rather that sitting impatiently or tapping your belly telling your little one to hurry up, there are few things you need to savour.


Feel each and every kick

Make sure you savour every last kick and movement in your belly. We admit  they can be sore and uncomfortable at times but these are the moments you will remember forever.


Don’t get bogged down on cleaning

Don’t worry if the kitchen is messy or the clothes are still in the washing machine. They can wait until later. Savour your time now – the cleaning will still be there in the morning, we promise.


Wear your maternity clothes

Wear your maternity clothes to the max – change your outfit twice or even three times a day. You won’t get much wear out them after baby arrives.


Enjoy the good things

Savour that glow that seems to follow you around. Ok if we're being honest it does fade by the time you are in your last trimester but it doesn’t disappear altogether. In a few weeks time you’ll be flaunting eye bags so deep you’ll be afraid of falling into them.


Do things with your bump

do something funny with your bump - lean a book or balance your dinner off it. Oh and don’t forget to take a photo.


Go for a mid-week lunch date

If you have started your maternity leave, enjoy a mid-week lunch date with the girls. It might be a while before you feel up to heading out again. 


Take lots of photos

Even if you don’t feel at your prettiest, make sure you take lots of photos of your last few weeks. It is now that your body will look completely different from what it ever looked like before and ever will – remember every pregnancy is different.  Enjoy it.