Kym Marsh has admitted she ‘hates’ the use of the term ‘late miscarriage’ and how resuscitation ‘cut-off’ points affect families who lose their babies.


The 40-year-old spoke on ITV’s This Morning today, a day after her Corrie character Michelle endured a heartbreaking stillbirth.


Last night, viewers watched Michelle find out that, after going into labour at 23 weeks’ gestation, doctors would not intervene to resuscitate her baby – because the ‘cut-off’ point is 24 weeks.



On the subject of ‘late miscarriages’, Kym admitted that she could see exactly why people are ‘offended’ by the term.


“I gave birth to my son, he was in my arms; he was here. They won’t give you a birth certificate if you lose your child before then. To us, it’s everything,” she said.


Of course, Kym was referring back to her own harrowing experience from 2009, when she lost son Archie just minutes after his birth.



Kym has always spoken very publicly about her experience, in a bid to raise awareness for other families, and her ordeal certainly informed her decision to take on the storyline.


“My gut instinct was to do it. The reason is, since losing Archie, I’ve spoken to so many other women and men in similar situations and worked with organisations. I just thought, ‘What better way to raise awareness than to do this?’” she said.


Kim is also mum to 22-year-old son David, and daughters Emilie, 19, and Polly, six.