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What are the options for pregnancy termination?

Most Irish abortions in Britain are within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. There are some pregnancy tests, such as CVS or amniocentesis, that are conducted during pregnancy which determine the health of your unborn baby. If it turns out your baby has a condition or illness that is fatal, or would cause danger to the mother, then the possibility of a pregnancy termination may be considered. Whatever the reason for the termination in pregnancy, it is never an easy decision to make.  Information about termination is now accessible after the Abortion Information Act 2005 which sets out the conditions under which information may be given.
It is worth noting the following:
  • Abortion is illegal in Ireland and is not available (although in very rare cases a pregnancy may be terminated in an Irish hospital where the woman’s life is threatened by serious medical risk).
  • Pregnancies are not terminated in cases where a woman threatens to commit suicide.
  • You are legally entitled to leave Ireland to have an abortion abroad. A woman may not be prevented from travelling abroad to have an abortion.
  • Most Irish women having abortions travel to Britain. 
  • Abortion is legal in Britain up to 24 weeks of pregnancy within certain conditions however most Irish abortions in Britain are within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • If you decide to have an abortion, you are entitled to receive information about abortion clinics and procedures before you leave this country.
  • Information about abortion in other countries may be made available in Ireland - under certain conditions.
  • Counsellors and GPs may provide you with such information. This information may only be given in the context of a counselling session, and may not be given over the telephone.

If you are considering an abortion, you are strongly advised to seek counselling before you travel. Studies show that women who have an abortion adjust better afterwards if they have had the chance to discuss their feelings and decision beforehand.  For information on your options visit Positive Options

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