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What foods are rich in folic acid?

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It is important that you take your daily folic acid supplement and there are also foods that you can eat during pregnancy that contain folate. Commonly eaten foods that naturally contain folate include:
  • Green leafy vegetables (think of spinach, broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts)
  • Peas and beans
  • Some fruits, especially oranges
Many foods now have folic acid added to them (fortified foods) so these can be a good option for you too. They include:
  • Certain brands of breakfast cereal
  • Some brands of milk
  • Some breads
So, in addition to your daily folic acid supplement, start your day with a wholegrain, fortified cereal topped with some folic-acid fortified milk. For lunch, have a fresh baby spinach salad and snack on a fresh orange during the day. These are all simple ways to top up your folate levels. So become folate friendly and check the labels.
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