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What should I expect in the second trimester of my pregnancy?

Hopefully, if you did suffer from morning sickness, it will begin to pass now (for the vast majority it is confined to the first trimester).  This is one of the reasons that the second trimester is often the time most enjoyed by mums-to-be. You can get back on track with a healthy diet full of the fresh food and important nutrients you and your baby need – to keep you going and to programme your baby for a future of good health.
You can begin spreading the word about your happy news and yet you will still find it easy and comfortable to sleep and move around as your bump will still be relatively small.
Towards the end of the second trimester you will begin to feel your baby move - small, gentle, fishlike flutters at first, becoming more recognisable as kicks as the days and weeks progress. This is a reassuring communication from your baby and will usually be used by your doctor as a sign that baby is moving and thriving.  And of course you may get to have the first glimpse of your new addition on a scanning screen – a lovely exciting time for many parents.
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You are now on the final stretch and it is an exciting time when you finally reach the final trimester - each day bringing you closer to meeting your new baby
Hopefully, if you did suffer from morning sickness, it will begin to pass now...
Congratulations! You are setting out on the first steps of a very exciting road, and no doubt looking forward to meeting your baby at the end of these 40 weeks of pregnancy.