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What is the role of the delivery staff during child birth?

There can be a lot going on in the delivery room during childbirth and many labouring mothers are too distracted to ask questions. However, it is always good to know what to expect beforehand so there will be no surprises or questions left unanswered. The birthing room is a hub activity once labour begins to really jump into gear and after your baby is born.

When you are admitted into the hospital, you will be introduced to a labour and delivery nurse. This L&D nurse is your point of contact for questions, needs and concerns. They are charged with monitoring you and your baby and following the progression of your contractions and cervix dilation. If your labour continues after one nurse’s shift, then your L&D nurse will change. They tend to work 12 hour shifts.

Of course, your doctor will be in and out as well. They will mostly just check on your progress as you go and will really only be around once you are ready to push the baby out.

There is also the anaesthesiologist if you are going to be utilizing an epidural. Sometimes students will come in to observe what is going on, but you will usually be asked first whether or not it is okay. Other specialists may be required depending on your situation and needs.

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