By now you will be feeling a little tired, a little bit run down and a little like you really want to get this baby out of you!


Just keep in mind you're nearly there and, thankfully, there are plenty of ways to help you get through the final few weeks.


Rest up

If you are working or have other kids to mind telling you to stay in bed all day long isn’t going to really help you. Instead, try to head to bed a lot earlier than you might have before – even an extra half an hour of rest can do the world of good.


Indulge yourself

You are growing a baby so you have every right to run yourself a nice hot bath. Close the door, light some candles and relax. Alternatively why not book yourself in for a pregnancy massage or a nice hair cut – anything that will really feel like a treat.


Accept offers of help

Don’t turn down offers of help just to be polite. If someone offers to  mind your kids for a day, an evening or even a whole night say, ‘thank you’ followed quickly by ‘I’ll just go get their stuff ready’ – don’t give them a chance to change their mind!


Keep moving

We know the last thing you will want to do is move around and we have suggested above that you rest up as often as possible, but a little light exercise can do wonders for your mood! A brisk walk, a swim or even some prenatal yoga can really help you sleep and generally feel better.


Go to your prenatal appointments

Now is the time to really get to know what is going on in your body – this will help allay any fears you might have that are preventing you from fully relaxing. They are also great for meeting people who are going through the same thing as you; it can be fun comparing pregnancy stories and it can also help you feel more relaxed knowing you aren’t the only one who is experiencing really bad heartburn.


Ditch the heartburn

Speaking of heartburn, you are probably experiencing quite a lot of it recently, and maybe a little more intensely. Avoid foods you know trigger symptoms and drink plenty of milk, peppermint or even ginger tea to help relieve any symptoms.


Make a playlist

Occupy your mind by making a playlist for during labour. This can be a great distraction from all your aches and pains and can even help to mentally prepare you for the big event. Take your time doing it – it will be totally worth it in the end.