Avocado and tomato open sandwich

Prep: 10 mins
Avocado and tomato open sandwich
This healthy open sandwich is perfect for a filling lunch or as a mid morning snack.

4 slices wholemeal bread

1 ripe avocado

4 cherry tomatoes, quartered

4 tbsp cream cheese

Freshly ground black pepper

Fresh parsley to garnish

Place the bread in the toaster.

In the meantime, remove the pit from the avocado, peel and cut into cubes.

Cut your cherry tomatoes into quarters.

When the toast is popped, leave to cool for a few minutes before generously applying the cream cheese to each slice.

Top with the avocado and tomatoes.

Garnish with the fresh parsley and season with the salt and pepper. 


Preparation Time
10 minutes

Main ingredients
Fruit, Cheese

Recipe Type
Healthy, Lunch Box, Quick Meals, Sandwich

Level of Difficulty

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