Pregnancy is one of the most important parts of motherhood and is gone so quickly that it is important to document the moment however possible. One of the best ways to freeze the moment forever is with beautiful photography.
Of course, not everyone can afford the services of an experienced photographer. Here are some tips for new parents hoping to do the photos themselves.
Natural lighting is always the best kind, so get outside for your shots. Or utilise windows and sliding glass doors to pour light into a room. Be certain to not have the light directly behind you, as this will cause shadows. Avoid your flash as it can seep away the natural glow of pregnancy. Use the natural light instead.
There are classic pregnancy poses that always look great include close ups of the belly, hands placed on the stomach, and family members touching or holding the mother’s abdomen. Bring in props related to the mother and family’s hobbies or interests.
Experiment with different locations but avoid a cluttered area as it distracts from the focus of the shot. Try some candids and some posed photos.
Be certain mum is comfortable, relaxed and in a light hearted mood. In today’s age of digital photos, you are not restricted to a certain number of shots. Take as many as you like. You can always delete the ones you do not need or like later.