5 superfoods the kids will actually love

We’ve gathered up a list of our top five superfoods that even the kids will love.

1: Blueberries

The ultimate antioxidant superfood. Trying to get the kids to snack on something healthy is tricky but blueberries are a sweet but nutritious snack that they’ll happily munch on between meals. They are high in vitamin C, potassium and they boost your heart health.

2: Eggs

Eggs contain a whopping nine essential amino acids making them the ultimate source of protein and one of the top superfoods. They are the only food that contains a natural source of vitamin D and they boost brain function too. There are a variety of ways to cook eggs so even the fussiest of eaters will love this superfood, whether you fry, scramble or boil them.

3: Chocolate

You read that right, chocolate is in fact a superfood, but unfortunately we aren’t talking about the flake you get in a 99. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonols and it even helps lower blood pressure. Of course, keeping everything in moderation is important.

4: Sweet Potatoes

This tasty vegetable is one of our go-to superfoods and the kids just can’t get enough of it. Sweet potatoes are full of magnesium, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and antioxidants. What more could you ask for? Perfect for adding to a stew, curry or soup. Or even baked as chips.


5: Fish

Taking care of your child’s mental health is one of the most important things for a mum. There is one superfood that can help your child’s mental health and that is fish. Tuna and salmon are heavy in omega-3 fats that boost brain development and fights depression.