There are a number of TV shows aimed at young viewers whose content isn't always suitable for children. We asked our mums what shows in particular they felt contained aspects or story lines that aren't appropriate for kids, even though they are deemed suitable for them.
We had a huge response on Facebook, with 164 mums letting us know what they believed were inappropriate. Surprisingly, the results showed that Peppa Pig, although aimed at preschoolers, was not thought of as being paticular appropriate by 37% of respondents.
One commenter said: “Peppa pig is actually a bully. Has anyone actually sat and watched a few episodes?!”, and there were many who agreed with her. One replied: “I agree completely, she's a complete bully the Kylie Kangaroo episode was on earlier and it's a perfect example of it. At one point she says ‘Just do it’ through gritted teeth!”. Another admitted they had actually gone as far as banning it in their house.
But it wasn’t just about Peppa – Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time came in a close second with one mum saying: "[it] is an awful show for kids!! Couldn’t believe what they were doing/saying one day I walked in” and many others agreed. The Simpsons also featured; however, many agreed that it wasn’t actually aimed towards children. Horrid Henry was another show not deemed appropriate - “Horrid Henry [has] lots of unacceptable words and behaviours [and] often behaviour to siblings gets reinacted [sic]!”
On the other hand, there were a number of mums who felt TV in moderation was the most important: “A little bit of everything and everything in moderation regarding kids shows I think evry show some way of showing something valuable in learning it would just be bad to watch a bad show constantly but a little bit of evrything wouldn't hurt [sic]”. One mum highlighted shows that we all watched as kids, saying they didn't have a negative impact on our adult lives – “People need to lighten up, what about all the older Disneys. Simbas uncle kills his dad, sleeping beauty in a coma, urcela the wicked sea witch, bambi's mother.....shot! I'm just fine as an adult watching all that as a child [sic]”.
Here are the top 10 shows that featured:
  1. Peppa Pig
  2. Adventure Time
  3. The Regular Show
  4. The Simpsons
  5. Horrid Henry
  6. Spongebob Square Pants
  7. Tracy Beaker
  8. Sanjay 
  9. Sam and Cat
  10. Gumball