We’re all guilty of handing our toddler our smartphone to keep them entertained while we’re out for dinner, stuck in traffic or even going grocery shopping.  However, while they definitely come in handy when our little ones are about to throw a strop, it’s time we stopped resorting to the phone to keep them happy, and instead looked for other ways.


Still not convinced, have a read of the following ten reasons:


1. They’ll break it

Your phone no doubt cost you a lot of money and the danger of them dropping it from a height or pouring water on it is not worth the risk!


2. They’ll delete something important

Kids are very intelligent creatures and with just ten minutes on your phone they can delete the most important of emails.


3. They’ll send a text to your boss

Usually one with just letters and symbols that will leave your employer questioning your sanity...


4. It’ll stop them sleeping

Ten minutes of peace and quiet is the car is not worth the huge bedtime battle that will ensue. The light from your screen disrupts their sleep, and we all know what happens when your toddler is over tired...


5. It will limit their creativity

Whatever happened to giving the kids paper and colouring pencils to keep them happy – where is the creativity in a smartphone.



6. They’ll get a sore neck

While our reasoning is not medically sound, having their head bent over a phone can’t be doing them any good, can it?


7. They’ll spend a fortune

Two words: In-app purchases...


8. They’ll want their own

Your phone will only be good enough for so long – they’ll want their own in no time...


9. They’ll miss out on so much

Instead of giving them your phone when you’re stuck in traffic play eye spy. There is a whole world out there – encourage your kids to look out the window.


10. They’ll spend a good portion of their adult life on one

There’s time enough for them to start playing on phones – let them enjoy screen-free time for as long as possible.