Toilet training is not something most of us mums like to do, but, unfortunately, it is an inevitable part of motherhood. Considering every child is different, the process can be difficult for some mums and not for others.


However, while no one’s experience is the same, there are a few things that seem to happen to every one of us!


Here are ten times training your toddler was a complete disaster: 


1. When they wet themselves at the supermarket and they'd already left a trail before you’d noticed

You’re now left with the option of retracing your steps to clean it up or just pretending you never saw it...


2. When you change their clothes only for them to wee in them about ten minutes later

This is the worst thing ever!



3. When you insist on carrying the potty around when leaving the house

God forbid they have to sit on a toilet...


4. When your little one wets you while you are carrying them on your hip

You can feel the warm wee before you see it.


5. When your little one arrives home from crèche wearing someone else’s knickers 

You either forgot to pack a pair or you didn't pack enough... Whoops!



6. When they wet themselves and you have no tissues to clean the ground

And you’re debating on whether you should go ask at the customer service for some.


7. When you’ve literally run out of clothes for them to change into

They’ve been wearing your old T-shirt for the last few hours.


8. When your washing machine decides to go on strike and you have to do the cleaning by hand

Never mind number two, this is the worst ever!



9. When you run with them to the loo but you’re too late

Two more seconds and it would have been fine... 


10. When you think it's finally over

But it isn't...