One may be a dog and the other a child but at times you are left wondering how they can be so similar! Likely to have created a special bond with each other, not only are your pet and your toddler the best of friends, they are also starting to act the same as each other!


Here are ten times your toddler and dog were basically the same!


1. They both ate out of the dog bowl

You're pretty sure your toddler got this habit from looking at the dog! You've even considered getting them their own 'doggy bowl' for safety! 



2. They have both accidently wee’d on the kitchen floor

On more than one occasion - yikes!  


3. They both like to sleep across your legs when you are in bed

You know how your dog ended up there but you're at a loss as to why your tot is sleeping like that! There is never enough room for everyone! 


4. They have both licked your hand

You understand why your dog does this, not why your tot does it though!



5. They both love to roll in the muck, especially after heavy rain

Although your toddler is the only one who has considered eating it...


6. They both eat snacks off the floor

And they don’t care what it is!


7. You need a leash when going outside with either

For fear they decide to wander off somewhere!



8. They both thrive off hugs

And you can’t help but give them a big squishy one every day!


9. They both make a mess at bath time

Neither understand your stress of having to clean up after them.  


10. They both bang/ paw the door to get out