The rain can certainly put a dampener on your day, especially if it means you are going to be cooped up in the house with a restless toddler.


And unless you want to go out and stomp in muddy puddles - which doesn’t sound half bad to be honest - you’ll have to think of activities that will keep your little one entertained and happy.


Colour hunt

Choose five different colours and get your little one to find ten things that are the same colour. Similar to a scavenger hunt, this will provide hours of entertainment for sure.


Build a fort

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a fort. Spend an hour or two building it with your youngster and then let them while away the day playing and maybe even napping in it.


Play keepy-uppy

Unless you don’t mind a few of your most precious ornaments getting broken, you might want to do this with a balloon. Either with their hand or a tennis racket try to see how long your youngster can keep it up off the floor.


Play dress up

Pull out your most outrageous outfits and let your toddler go wild playing dress up. Mix in a few of their Halloween costumes for a truly hilarious time.


Draw life-sized pictures

Roll out a long sheet of paper and get your little one to lie down on it while you trace around them. Get them to do the same to you before filling in the blank space with funny clothes and faces.


Water fun

Pop your little one in the bath and give them plenty of objects likes plastic jugs and bowls and let them go crazy mastering the art of pouring. They’ll also get a good wash in the process.


Have a dance off

Pop on some music and have a dance off with your youngster – the more outrageous the moves the better.


Build with your books

Pull all your books off your shelf and get your youngster to build a tower with them. You never know, it might entice them to snuggle down with you for quick story-time.



This is a great way to while away the day, especially when you get to lick the bowl at the end – delicious! Remember, you are trying to have fun so don’t do anything that will stress you out. 


Play shop

With the help of your toddler set up a shop containing items from your kitchen cupboard and take it in turns to be the shopkeeper.