Getting kids out the door and at the school gate on time is no easy feat. And it is made even harder when the child involved is under four and needs a lot of help.


And while most preschools aren’t as strict on being there on the dot, it is an important routine to get your youngster into.


Have clothes ready the night before

If your preschooler likes to pick their own outfit, get them to do it the night before and have it ready to go for the morning. This will save an awful lot of time the next day.


Make lunches the night before

Again save yourself a bit of time by making lunches the previous night. You can get your youngster involved in the process by encouraging them to choose items that they would like to eat. Knowing there is something nice in their lunch box is a great incentive to get them up.


Get up before them

Get up about 15 minutes before them so you can get dressed before they have even stirred. This way you can focus all your attention on them when you do finally wake them


Have breakfast laid out

Just like with their outfit choice, have them choose breakfast the night before and get them to help you lay it out. This should stop the morning tantrums about what they want to eat.


Keep it simple

Keep breakfast choice simple. The last thing you'll want to do is to cook or make something time consuming. Porridge, cereal or wholemeal toast and jam is a good option.


Keep calm

Try your best to keep calm and not become frustrated by your youngster’s slow movements – giving out to them right now will probably just end in them having a tantrum making you even slower.


Prepare them

Talk to them the night before about the need to be quick in the morning and why so they understand what is going on.


Use a reward chart

A reward chat using stickers or ticks is a great way to motivate your youngster to get things done in the morning.


Get them to bed on time

If your little one was up passed their bedtime the night before it’s going to be pretty difficult to get them up the next day. While we know some late nights can’t be helped, try to get them to bed on time. 


Make sure you give them hugs

With all the hustle and bustle going on it can be easy to forget to stop for a moment and give them a kiss and a cuddle. What a lovely way to start the day.