We all know just how precious family time is but trying to fit it into our busy schedules can be tricky.


However, you don't need to spend hours or even do anything expensive or complicated to have fun with your toddler; here are ten simple things to you can do with them:


Play Lego

If the day is leaving little to be desired, spend an afternoon on the floor building towns and cities with Lego – this is definitely a great way to while away a few hours.


Go to the park

Head to the park and spend an hour pushing your little one on the swings, going down the slide or even play in the sand pit. Why not make a day out of it and bring a picnic along, that’s if it’s nice outside of course.


Go on a bike

Pop a helmet on their head and go for a cycle around your neighbourhood. You don’t need to go out for ages, a short 20 minute cycle is probably enough for you r toddler’s little legs.


Get on a scooter

If you don’t have a bike the scooter is also a pretty fun way to get around. Don’t forget the safety equipment and keep in mind these dos and don’ts.


Go on a nature hunt

Write a list of things to search for out in the garden, your local wood or even in the park and armed with a pen or pencil head out and try to find a many things as possible.


Head to the beach

No matter the weather the beach is a great place for exploration. Go skim stones in the water or go find hidden treasure in rock pools.


Do some baking

It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated – simple fairy cakes or even rice krispie buns are easy to make and taste yummy.  


Build a fort

There is nothing as fun as building a fort in your home. Get as many blankets, chairs and sheets as you can and go for a big one. You’ll struggle to get your little one out when it’s bedtime.


Hand and feet paint

Pour paint onto a plate and get your little one to put their hands or feet into and press it down onto a clean sheet of paper. It will no doubt leave a bit of a mess, but you’re guaranteed to have fun.


Make chores fun

Most toddlers love helping to sweep or wipe counters so give them a brush and a cloth and spend the day cleaning the house together. While it might not sound like fun, you’ll be very surprised.