11-year-old Paris Mulholland from Doncaster has written a heartbreaking letter to burglars who broke into her home and stole her birthday and Christmas presents.


The youngster had just celebrated her birthday a week before the incident, and her iPhone and laptop were taken.


However, talking to ITV News, she explained that a gold watch handed down to her from her great-aunt is the one thing she really wants back, adding that she feels like she’s “lost a part of [herself]” with it gone.


In the letter she wrote: 


"To my burglar,

I hope you are happy with yourself. i can no longer sleep in my own bed. Why could you not have left when you saw the picture of a happy family. 

And when you saw my birthday card. Thank you for scaring me so much I cry two hours straight nearly every night. All of my birthday and Christmas presents such as my iPhone and laptop were stolen. 

Please have the guts to give my stuff back. Please. "



While the youngster is still feeling the effects of the break in, she revealed that writing the letter was like a form of therapy, saying:  "I felt like I had much more power once I'd written the letter to them." 


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