Whether you’re heading straight to a music lesson after school or bringing the kids grocery shopping on a Saturday, it’s always wise to have healthy snacks readily available. Consider nutritious snacks like these:
  1. Fresh fruit:  cut into bite-sized chunks; include apples, grapes, orange slices and berries
  2. Trail mix: It's easy to keep it interesting and fun and you can include nuts and dried fruits that cater to your child’s preferences. Combine cereals, nuts and dried fruits such as raisins, dried banana and cherries.
  3. Flavoured popcorn: Sprinkle warm popcorn with paprika and parmesan cheese, and package it in zip-lock bag. Plain popcorn is another good option.
  4. Muffins: Pop carrot, bran or fruit muffins into individual plastic bags. Add a few tablespoons of oats to make it even healthier.
  5. Cereal bars: A great snack for kids on the go.
  6. Rice cakes: Your kids will love how crunchy they are
  7. Cubed cheese:  Filled with calcium or protein, miniature cheeses or cubes of cheese and some mini whole-grain crackers make for a satisfying mini meal.
  8. Raisins: Sweetness, fibre, iron and quick energy in each handful. What more could you ask for? Single serving boxes make for a handy snack.
  9. Snack cookies: Animal crackers, fig rolls or digestive biscuits are all low0fat and low sugar treats that will tide your child over until mealtime.
  10. Raw vegetables: Baby carrots, chopped peppers, celery sticks served with a yoghurt dip also make for a perfect snack-on-the-go.
  11. Cups of applesauce: Pick different flavours and blends for a satisfying low-fat source of fibre and Vitamin C that tastes pleasingly sweet.
  12. Something to drink: It’s always best to opt for either water or 100 percent juice.