18 cheap stocking stuffers your toddler will LOVE

The stress is piling on as we grow closer to Christmas, rushing around to get those last few gifts before the holiday crowds gather.

And while we might have an idea of what big gifts to get the kids, it can be harder to come up with the little ones.

So, we've found the best deals on stocking stuffers your toddler will love.

These cheap and tiny gifts will engage children's creativity and add some Christmas magic to their holiday.

1. Dinosaur Egg Hatch and Grow

€5.56 on Amazon

2. Rainmaker

€8.99 on Mothercare

3. Aeroplane Finger Lights

€3.15 on Baker Ross

4. Paddington Plush Toy

€16.00 on Marks & Spencer

5. Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Bouncy Balls

€6.63 on Amazon

6. Little Learning Phone

€16.99 on Mothercare

7. Galt Toys First Sticker Pictures

€7.78 on Amazon

8. Tin Animal Sound Maker

€5.56 on Stocking Fillers

9. Singing Maracas

€15.99 on Mothercare

10. I Pop Sound Animals

€5.56 on Stocking Fillers

11. Baker Ross Pull Back Snails

€5.83 on Amazon

 12. Mermaid Bath Light

€4.18 on Stocking Fillers

13. Inflatable Reindeer Hat Ring Toss

€4.70 on Amazon

14. Flingable Frog

€3.89 on Stocking Fillers

15. Rainbow Slinky

€6.67 on Amazon

16. Finger Spies

€1.21 on Stocking Fillers

17. Baker Ross Christmas Kaleidoscopes 

€6.63 on Amazon

18. Santa's Sleigh Poly Glider

€1.88 on Stocking Fillers