Homework is tough and not just for the kids doing it. Some mums can struggle with the task at hand and often dread the thoughts of asking their youngster to take out their books and start their homework.
1. Telling them to do their homework
What’s worse than repeatedly telling your child to sit still and do their work? Nothing. You will no doubt find yourself saying this over and over again. Most kids don’t want to do their homework, they’d much prefer to play outside and most mums would be prefer to do anything other than repeatedly tell their youngster to stop doodling and concentrate.
2. Not knowing the answers
Not knowing the answers to your child’s maths question or history question can leave a lot of mums’ red-faced. You are meant to have all the answers but thanks to homework you are left stumped in front of your son or daughter. Cue the rush to find the answer on Google.
3. Not understanding what they've to do
Getting a young child to write their own homework down in class can mean you are left trying to decipher what they actually have to do at home. Tiny notes with the homework on it aren’t much better. They are bound to get lost in your youngster's school bag and you’ll spend the next 30 minutes ringing around trying to find out what it is. Sure, who needs dinner tonight.
4. Online homework
If you have a thing about people touching your laptop, you will dread when your child comes home to say they have to look things up online for homework. Prepare for jammy keyboards and greasy screens. Your computer will no doubt freeze just before your kiddie clicks save on their work. Wait for the panic and yelling to ensue. Make sure you don’t forget the ink in the printer.
5. So much homework
It seems like kids are getting more and more homework at a younger age. We all know it’s an important part of school life, but the dishes pile up because your child needs to read an entire novel before tomorrow.
The worst is when your child suddenly remembers they need to bring in something for homework, just as you are running out the door in the morning.