As adults, we all know the importance of hand washing after using the bathroom. Unfortunately, however, preschoolers don't.


Whether it's laziness, forgetfulness or they fact that they couldn't wait any longer to play with their toys, young kids tend to come out of the bathroom with hands as dry as a bone.


Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure fingers, nails and palms are spotless: 


1. Get them to sing Happy Birthday every time

Not only will you hear them but it gives them a reason to stay in the bathroom for longer – what kid doesn’t love singing?


2. Make the sink accessible for them

How can they be expected to wash their hands if they can’t even reach the sink? Make sure there is a step in the bathroom that is easily accessible and a soap dispenser that they can actually use.


3. Remind them

Yes, kids can genuinely forget to wash their hands, so either you need to remind them constantly or put something in the bathroom that will trigger their memory. A visual reminder like a picture or poem on the wall is usually the best and easiest way. 



4. Make up a song

Not only does this remind them to clean their hands, it also encourages them to wash for longer than they normally would – just make sure the song/ rhyme is at least 15 seconds long!


5. Try to get them to make as many bubbles as possible

Kids love bubbles so encourage them to make as many as possible. This will keep them at the sink for longer as well as encouraging them to soak their hands until they are thoroughly clean.


6. Explain to them why it is so important to wash their hands

Sometimes telling your preschooler that they can get sick if they don’t wash properly can be enough to ensure they spend a good minute under the running tap!


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