Unless you physically remove the television from your house your little one is bound to end up watching it on a daily basis.  
However, while not all shows are bad it is important that you at least reduce the amount of time your youngster spends looking at them.
Let them watch programmes, not TV
Many kids get into the habit of turning on the television even if there is nothing on that they want to watch. In order to stop this, allow them watch a show but insist that they turn off it off when it is over.
Put the TV in an inconvenient place
Place the TV in an area that your kids won’t want to sit for long hours in. This means that your little one will make a conscious decision to watch something and won’t just end up channel surfing for the sake of it.  
Don’t set a time limit
While this may seem slightly counteractive, you will notice that your kids may watch more TV one day and less another. If your child is given a certain amount of viewing a day they will try to make sure they watch something just because they can.
Be a good role model
Kids look up to their parents to know how to behave so avoid automatically turning the TV on when you enter a room and switch it off when your programme is over.
Watch shows with them
It is important that you know what your tween is watching so make a point of sitting down beside them when their show is on. Talking to them about what’s going on will help to keep their minds active and will also encourage bonding.
Skip the ads
If you can, record your child’s favourite show so that you can fast forward through the ads. This will stop them craving certain foods and wanting certain toys. If you can’t record, simply turn the sound on mute when the ads come on.
By monitoring and reducing the amount of consumption, your youngster one will still be able to enjoy some TV time.