Toddlers and preschoolers are at a stage in life when they are discovering exactly what is all around them – and they can explore it themselves now that they can walk (and run)!
Here are some fun activities your toddler will love and that will hold his interest and tap into that fantastic imagination.
1. Finger painting
Kids love to get messy. Draw a tree or balloon strings and allow your toddler to create the leaves or balloons with their little fingers. Don’t forget to hang it on the fridge!
2. Playdough
Playdough is great for toddlers and aids their sensory development. Here is a great recipe so you can make your own.
3. Lava/Lily Pads
Place some pillows on the floor and have fun jumping from one to another to avoid the lava or leaping from lily pad to lily pad like little frogs.
4. Box of stars
If you have a large box and some Christmas lights, simply poke the lights through the box and create a starlit box for your toddler to lie down and look at. Just ensure the lights don’t get too hot if they are on for long periods of time.
5. Cornstarch slime
This is definitely an outdoor activity. Get your wellies on, things are about to get very messy and very fun! Get a big plastic box or a large plastic bowl and some cornstarch and water. Mix together and add some food colouring if you want, though the white is striking also. It will create this amazing consistency that you and your toddler will have hours of fun with. Grab it and it’s a liquid, hit it and it’s a solid, pretty cool, huh?
6. Fort
What toddler doesn’t go stir crazy for forts? Create a little fort for your toddler in the living room and they will have hours of fun.
7. Bag of slime
Simply get a large sandwich bag with a zip seal, some hairgel, a little food colour if needed, and some trinkets or stickers. Place them inside the bag, zip sealed and sellotape to the window at toddler height. They will love to squish and feel the slime inside. Just take care it doesn’t burst!
8. Treasure hunt
Create a treasure hunt for your toddler with hidden prizes they’ll love.