8 struggles of Pancake Tuesday weve ALL experienced

In theory, Pancake Tuesday should be the perfect family fun day.

After all, most kids love cooking and eating tasty treats –  what could go wrong?

If you've ever cooked pancakes with your kids, you'll be able to relate to these hilarious mishaps.

1. Making the batter just right

Pancakes are a simple, child-friendly recipe, right?

Not really. Kids have a tendency to create either runny, watery pancake batter, or batter full of thick lumps of flour.

2. Attempts to flip pancakes

The little ones are determined to flip the pancake, in the manner of a skilled TV chef.

This inevitably ends up with pancakes on the floor, the ceiling, everywhere except the pan.

3. Fights about toppings

If you thought the hard part was just cooking the pancakes, wait until it's time to add toppings.

They will argue the merits of butter, Nutella, jam or even plain pancakes until they're blue in the face.

The only solution is to make more than you think you'll need.

4. Burning issues

There's nothing more annoying than having created a seemingly perfect pancake only to find it's completely charred on one side.

Time to toss that one and start again.

5. Cleaning the pan

Guess who'll be scraping the remnants of flour, egg and sugar out of the pan?

Suddenly, the kids are nowhere to be seen and you're pretty sure this "non-stick" pan is not fit for the intended purpose.

6. Eating too many

You'll have to keep an eye on pancake consumption, because last year the kids ate too many and complained of tummy ache all night.

Of course, it's not just kids who do this...

7. Testing a recipe

Older kids love trying out their own recipes and creating "unique" toppings.

Naturally, someone has to act as a guinea pig for these recipes...

Marmalade and peanut butter pancake, anyone?

8. Tonnes of leftovers

The children decided to use up all the flour, and now your fridge is filled with pancakes and bowls of batter.

Hope they still fancy some pancakes for breakfast tomorrow...